Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Party service has proven to be very popular with both children and parents. We are able to offer a vast selection of alternative Birthday Party ideas in a range of different sports, with football being the most popular and including our very own speed gun to record that hardest shot of the day. We are able to provide an hours coaching session on a sport of your choice and also help you provide a suitable venue to host the party. We will also take over the running of the whole party including supervising your provided food for those parents who want a hassle free enjoyable party. The birthday boy/girl receives a special birthday card and present and all children go home with a certificate of participation.

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“The party was excellent thanks, in all respects.  The guys turned up in good time and were very helpful and accommodating and the boys really enjoyed it.  It seemed a great venue as well should you ever be looking for somewhere to run sports events.

Thanks again, I will recommend this to others!”

Mrs Rebecca Smith, Parent